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Savoring the little moments…

Last night, I lay awake trying to occupy my mind with thoughts other than my mom.  As I browsed crochet tips on Pinterest, our son starting whining from his room. I waited and listed to see if it was just a common whimper in his sleep or if it would continue.  After three more loud… Continue reading Savoring the little moments…

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Planning a Funeral

I never thought about planning a funeral…until  I had to.  Really, who wants to think about that?  I always thought that you just call up the funeral home and they take care of the rest.  Right?  Wrong.  I hope you take a few moments to read this post.  It might be helpful to you in… Continue reading Planning a Funeral

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Caring for someone you love who is terminally ill (and yourself)

  I’ve been struggling to write again since my mom passed away on Friday, March 31st… People always talk about feeling like there is a hole in their heart when someone passes.  Unfortunately, I now understand what they are talking about.  I held my mom’s hand when she stopped breathing and since then, life feels… Continue reading Caring for someone you love who is terminally ill (and yourself)

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Early Learning~Outdoor Play

We don’t have much near where we live.  The closest library is 30 minutes away.  Pretty much any business is at least 30 minutes away.  So, we’ve learned to enjoy what we do have at home. I’ve started to notice just how much more our son learns with everyday activities…especially when he plays outdoors.  It… Continue reading Early Learning~Outdoor Play

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Why we shed hunt & you should too!

Shed hunting is the process of gathering antlers that were shed by the animal (moose, deer, or elk). There is an actual club for this activity-The North American Shed Hunting Club, founded in 1991. We aren’t quite as organized.  Typically, our adventure starts out on a beautiful spring day where we want to get outside.… Continue reading Why we shed hunt & you should too!

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Pew Sisters Book Review

Did you know Front Porch Bliss has an online book club?  We do!  We are currently reading Pew Sisters by Katie Schuermann, A Women’s Small-Group Bible Study.  (New Members Welcome!) I am impressed.  We are three weeks into the discussion, which means we’ve covered the first three sessions.  It has been really beneficial to hear… Continue reading Pew Sisters Book Review

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Regrowing Romaine Lettuce

I received some lettuce in one of our recent shipments from Home Chef.  It was perfect on the sandwich we had and I wanted more of it for future meals.  So, I decided to try regrowing it from the base of the lettuce. Here are the easy steps I used and you can too!: Save… Continue reading Regrowing Romaine Lettuce