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Tonight, I started a new adventure. I am working my way through The America’s Test Kitchen DIY Cookbook! One kitchen project at a time…
IMG_3516Based on my brief read through this book, I highly recommend it!  However, based on tonights project, I emphatically implore you to get your own copy.  You will thank me.  Plus it will be more fun for you to follow along in the adventure…

Tonights Kitchen Project…Almond Butter

Here’s the ingredients, stay with me here: almonds + kosher salt.  That’s IT!   No Oil, no sugar, just almonds and salt.  Amazing.


I just took a look at our “natural” commercial peanut butter.  It includes peanuts, sugar, palm oil, salt, and molasses.  The America’s Test Kitchen DIY Cookbook also gives directions for making peanut butter.  The ingredients…peanuts + salt.  No palm oil necessary, not to mention the added sugar!

The recipe has you to roast the almonds and then process them in a food processor once they are cool enough for you to handle.


I have a mini cuisinart so I opted for my kitchen aid blender.


I was worried they wouldn’t all mix if I threw them in at once, so I started with two batches and ultimately mixed them into one.


After the 10 minutes worth of oven roasting, the rest of the recipe took about another 10 minutes (and that includes pouring it into the jar). Easy Peasy.

IMG_3526My husband arrived home from work shortly after I finished putting this in the jar.  By the way, it made approximately one half pint of almond butter.  Anyhow, he tried a taste and was toasting bread shortly after for a before dinner snack:


Please ignore the plastic knife.








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