Weekend Review

I had a friend in town for a whirlwind visit this weekend.  She arrived last Friday night and was heading back home early this morning. We had a great visit!  We headed up to Sombrero Ranch in Granby, CO, for an hour long horseback ride on Saturday.  What a gorgeous place!


On the way back to our hotel we stopped at an oasis!  IKEA  That place is crazy.  So much stuff and such a huge place…it’s overwhelming.  I snagged this cute lil ice cube tray for $.99.


I want to freeze some fresh herbs and figured it would be best to keep them separate from my ice cube trays.

I also had the America’s Test Kitchen d.i.y cookbook in mind when I grabbed these awesome bottles:


There is a recipe for coffee liquor towards the end of the book!  I need to really get moving on these recipes to get to that one.  I’ve decided to try and do each recipe in the order of the book.  SO…next up…drum roll please…


The almond butter has gone over great!  Apparently, it is especially delicious on Thomas Bagel Thins and has been a breakfast regular feature in this house.


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