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Middle Eastern Cuisine Night

I cooked with lamb for the first time last night.  I’ve always loved the Kabob & Kefta dish from Shahrazad Restaurant back in Milwaukee, WI.


I haven’t had that dish for many years and I never considered I could create a similar kabob at home.  This dish turned out awfully close to what I enjoyed at Shahrazad.  While I did miss the red sauce, the dish was incredible.

Here is the recipe that I used and will be saving to make again and again:


I decreased the kosher salt a bit and it was still plenty flavorful.  I also cooked these indoors on the grill pan and ended up leaving the skewers out.



The Tzatziki sauce (on the food network page) was also delicious, but it’s debut will have to wait until I make chicken gyros.  In other words, I forgot to get a photo of it.


We enjoyed the kabobs with some brown rice and green beans.  Next time, I’ve got to find a red sauce for this…


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