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Like Easy Recipes? Then you’ll love this one…

A 9.5 month old son on the move and a hubby stuck in another city due to a blizzard requires an easy meal for dinner!

munchkin man

So, i put together the following in the crockpot in the order listed below:

  • 1 lb chicken, I left mine partially frozen-who has time to defrost?!
  • 1 package taco seasoning
  • 1 16 oz jar salsa (I threw in some leftover chopped onion I had too-just to use it up)

This concoction simmered for 3 hours on high and 4 more on low and turned into some moist and delicious chicken.  I scooped this heavenly mixture onto some toasted 45 calorie bread with a half an avocado and a pickle on the side.  So simple and so tasty!

Here is a pic of the chicken still in the crockpot


easy delicious chicken

There are so many uses for this chicken!  Tacos, salads, over rice, over noodles, in a pita, as a dip for chips, and pretty much whatever you can dream up.

I am always looking for easy recipes, so please feel free to comment with any easy and delicious suggestions.




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