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But, how do you socialize them?!

Any time I mention that I would like to home school, I hear the socialization argument.  Every.  Single.  Time.  I’m not exactly sure where this stems from, but most people reference the odd child that they knew growing up who was homeschooled.  I always wonder about the other odd children that they knew.  What about the odd…… Continue reading But, how do you socialize them?!


Don’t Miss Your Life

  I was walking my son in our driveway (we have a very long driveway), listening to my iPod, when “Don’t Miss Your Life” by Phil Vassar started playing.  I’ve always loved that song, but man does it hit you hard when you have a child of your own.  I am eternally grateful to my husband to…… Continue reading Don’t Miss Your Life


How To Save Your Family Money

or…more specifically, how to save your family money as a Stay at Home Mom! I used to work as an IT Customer Relations Senior Manager.  This was a professional role that brought with it many long hours and a nice size paycheck.  So, when we made the decision that I would stay home with our…… Continue reading How To Save Your Family Money

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Potty Training at 10 Months!

My sister in law recently recommended a book to me about potty training.  I expected this to be a very difficult process.  I already envisioned some silly targets in the adult toilet for our son to aim at.  I had NO clue what potty training would entail.  So…I read the book and gave it a…… Continue reading Potty Training at 10 Months!

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Simple Egg & Cheese Bake

This morning I put together a quick egg bake that can easily be adapted to your tastes.  This recipe is for the basic bake, but you could simply add in some cooked sausage, ham, veggies, change up the cheese, etc. to make it your own.  I believe this is a recipe from Bisquick, but I’ve been…… Continue reading Simple Egg & Cheese Bake