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Little Chickens



So far, the majority of our pics are in the red light and not the prettiest.  But, I did get a  picture of this lil girl when I brought her in to clean up her vent yesterday…

Any suggestions for a name?

I’m learning quick!  I have no choice.  We received the sixteen chicks on Wednesday morning.  I got a call from the post office at 8am to let me know they arrived.  They all were packed into a small box (about 1’x1′).  It was crazy to see them all packed in there, but it helps to keep them warm.  It did the job.  All the chicks arrived in what appears to be healthy condition.  The one I cleaned yesterday (and blew dry with my blow drier!) just had some chicken poop stuck on her rear and I was worried about pasted vent.  She is back with the others now and doing great!

More to come…I’m off to give them some fresh water…


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