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Potty Training at 10 Months!

My sister in law recently recommended a book to me about potty training.  I expected this to be a very difficult process.  I already envisioned some silly targets in the adult toilet for our son to aim at.  I had NO clue what potty training would entail.  So…I read the book and gave it a shot.

Then, I told others what I was doing.  WHOA!  The opinions and tips came flying.  The one comment that I heard over and over “don’t do it before they are ready or they will resist even more!”

So, I cautiously went ahead and followed the recommendations in the book.  I purchased a cute lil frog potty and set up a changing station in our largest bathroom where we could keep some books and a toy or two nearby.

And…the first day that we started the training, he peed in the potty!  Then, for the next few days, he peed in the potty at least once a day.  Now, he does pretty consistently when I’m consistent with sitting him on there.   It’s not always struggle free, but when that’s the rare case, we don’t push it.  We give up for the time being and try again the next time.

I actually think he enjoys this time with me.  I am right down there with him and we often use the time to read a book or sing.


This is the book that we used to get started:

Diaper-Free Before 3: The Healthier Way to Toilet Train and Help Your Child Out of Diapers Sooner

I would highly recommend it to anyone new to potty training or looking to start earlier.  I actually think we are getting close to the next step in the process, so I’ll need to go back and review the book again.


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