How To Save Your Family Money

or…more specifically, how to save your family money as a Stay at Home Mom!

I used to work as an IT Customer Relations Senior Manager.  This was a professional role that brought with it many long hours and a nice size paycheck.  So, when we made the decision that I would stay home with our son, we knew we’d have to adjust our spending habits.


I remember my mom clipping coupons when I was younger.  Even as a child, I loved the idea of saving money just by taking the time to cut out a piece of paper.  Well, now we live in the country and far from a major city.  So, we don’t get a Sunday paper with coupons to clip.  That said, I’m not sure how many families get the print edition of the paper anymore vs. the online edition.  Anyhow, without a printed paper with coupons, I needed an alternative.  I found two!

I started using the Savings Catcher app over a year ago and have received more than $150.00 back!  That’s right, I saved our family $150.00 just by scanning in a receipt after doing our shopping at Walmart.  Easy Peasy. has been another great option for us!  I don’t need to hunt down each vendor’s website to see if they have any coupons.  I just go to and search in the department that the item falls under. For example, if I need baby food, I look under the baby/toddler department.  I add the coupon to my cart and after I’ve added all the coupons I want, I print them.  The first time I used, I saved $14.00 on items we buy on a regular basis.  The coupons add up fast!  It takes less than ten minutes total for me to print the coupons and use them at the store.  I keep them in an envelope and then put them into my wallet as I pick up the item at the store.  This is an important step for me since there are many times that I don’t get through our shopping list due to someone acting up.  I save those coupons for the next trip.

What ways have you found to save your family money?






One thought on “How To Save Your Family Money

  1. Join your grocery store’s reward program. Harris Teeter offers tailored weekly sales based on our shopping habits. They are tied to our card and I watch them to stock up. I also use and I get so excited when I can use coupons on a store sale. Like, ridiculously almost unreasonably excited.


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