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Raising a Hunter

My husband hunts.  I hunt.  I actually started hunting a few years before I met my husband.  I was not raised in a hunting family, but I was blessed with some amazing friends who did hunt and welcomed me into their hunting family.  The more I learned about hunting, the more it became a passion…… Continue reading Raising a Hunter


Everybody has a dream…What’s your dream?

I had some big adjustments after giving birth to our son.  I went from a professional job, managing a staff of six and bringing home a nice paycheck, to a stay at home mom/homemaker.  It was the best decision for our family and I have zero regrets, but it was still an adjustment.  To this…… Continue reading Everybody has a dream…What’s your dream?

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Pretty Blueberry Applesauce

Tonight, I’m whipping up a double batch of blueberry applesauce for the lil guy.  It smells amazing and the blueberries are a super food-win !  The recipe comes from a book that I recently mentioned in my post Top Six Books for Blissful Moms.  One of my favorite cookbooks for babies/toddlers: 201 Organic Baby Purees by Tamika…… Continue reading Pretty Blueberry Applesauce