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Hunting Memories

Making Memories in Kansas

I love to turkey hunt.  This year, the experience took on a whole new meaning when we went as a family.  Our son isn’t old enough to join us on the actual hunt, but he was with our on trip to Kansas.  This is one tradition I am so excited to share with him.  I shot two toms this weekend and couldn’t wait for my husband and son to come share in the excitement!  Granted, our son isn’t quite old enough to grasp what is going on.  However, it was still amazing to see the two people, my heart overflows with love for, minutes after a successful hunt.

Why I want my son to hunt…

I look forward to watching my husband teach our son about hunting.  He will learn respect for wildlife, guns, the land, and so much more.  He will be part of a family of hunters and experiences that he will treasure for a lifetime.

I sat in the blind on this trip and thought about all the great things my son will get to see.  For example, as I watched the sunrise, the land started to come alive.  The non-game birds start flying around and a doe walked the tree line 45 yards in front of my blind.  It’s a peacefulness that I believe only nature can provide.  (He’ll also learn about distance measured in yards.  Something I never was able to comprehend until I had to figure it out to know how far I could shoot on a hunt!)


Oh, and the stories he will hear, and eventually tell!  It’s those memories shared by family and friends that I can’t wait for him to hear.  I imagine his face lighting up as grandpa recalls one of his favorite hunts or dad tells him about hunting when he was his age.  There is nothing like the excitement someone has when talking about a hunt-even if the hunt didn’t fill a tag.

I can’t wait to share the story behind this photo with him…

Turkey photo shoot




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