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Puppy Love

We have the perfect blend of dog for our family.  Callie is a great companion and a hunting dog.

Learning to retrieve as a puppy

She can retrieve a duck in the morning and snuggle up in her bed next to ours at night.  She actually knows the command “get in your bed”.

Jen's first duck hunt 056

Cuddling with Mayzie


She is nearing the end of her puppy bearing years.  So, this past April, she was introduced to a beautiful male lab.

Callie (dam)


Charlie (sire)



A few days later, she wasn’t eating much food for about a week.  Then, her appetite slowly returned.

Recently, we started to notice her belly really filling out.  We always suspected she was pregnant, so I took her to the vet yesterday for an ultrasound.  The vet shaved her belly, squirted on the gel, and performed the ultrasound.  The process was eerily similar to a human ultrasound.  Sure enough, she was pregnant!

Then, the vet started counting the puppies…

1…2…3…4…5…6…7  and maybe an eighth!


I left the vet’s office and felt the panic setting in.  The vet explained the majority of the whelping process to me, but I was also struggling to keep an 11 month old child entertained.  I may have missed a few key points.  However, I do recall one part.  The vet mentioned that when the placenta separates there will be a dark green discharge.  When he said those words, I had to keep myself from blurting out “I’m out”.  Delivering puppies does not sound like a very glamorous process.

I turned to my friend Michelle for some advice.  She has delivered several litters and has given me a great overview of what I’m in for.  I now understand why dogs often are quite expensive.  Delivering the puppies will be a process, but that’s just the beginning.  I’m ready for the challenge!  Time to start collecting newspapers, old towels and building the whelping box…


Practicing Retrieves




One thought on “Puppy Love

  1. Remember I have also delivered 5 litters of puppies. I still have one puppy from her last litter that hasn’t gone home (tomorrow). You can always ask me for advice too! I just delivered some in February. Good luck girl! Just remember that the mom does most if not all of the work. I mostly sat there and watched to be sure nothing went wrong. She did have one pup die from 2 of the 5 litters – one was a runt and made it 3 days; the other was born and died right away. You just never know why – just like babies. I can’t wait to see the pics!


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