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Chicken Update!

How are the chickens doing?

Many of you have asked about the chickens.  I haven’t taken many pictures of them due to the lighting in the garage with the heat lamp on.  Not to mention trying to wrestle chickens with an 11 month old.  Well, today was a big day for them.  The heat lamp/light was just shut off.  We are hoping to slowly transition them into their permanent coop over the weekend.  (We need the garage space to start preparing the whelping box for our pregnant lab.)

So, without further ado, here are a few photos of the girls..

This is my favorite so far! I love that little tuft on the top of her head and her coloring.  I am thinking she is a gold laced polish.  Ideas for a name for her?
grey girl
I tried to just get a picture of this pretty gray girl, but that bird in the back is a nosey little sucker.  She is always curious about any move I make.  I think I’ll name her George.
This is the only chicken that we have three of the same breed.  She has feathers on her feet so I’m thinking it’s a Cochin?

I’m sad to report that we did lose one chicken early on.  We tried everything, but despite our best efforts, she didn’t make it.  We now have fifteen chickens that all appear to be very healthy and active.  I’m excited to get them out to the coop and give them more room to roam.


One thought on “Chicken Update!

  1. Love them! I am obsessed with chickens. My entire vision of retirement is sitting in the grass playing with my chickens. I creep on them at county fairs. Luckily I have a farmer friend that lets me freak out over her flock. Did I mention I love your chickens?! LOL


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