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Fishing with a baby?

We took our 11 month old fishing this past weekend.  He loved it!  Ok, he might not have been fishing, but he was with us while we fished.


(Shhh!  This little number is on the list for Father’s day gifts: Daddy’s New Fishing Buddy Onesie)

The adventure didn’t last long.  My husband and I took turns casting from shore for less than a half hour.  It was still a great experience.

We used the time to talk to our son and teach him the words for the things he was seeing.  BoaT, TRuCK, WAteR, etc.  He was very interested in the boats as they were driven up onto the trailers.  Mom and dad enjoyed the time getting a few casts off before our son tired of being held and wanted to get down and move!


While this adventure wasn’t that long, it was perfect for our family.  We were able to enjoy the outdoors as a family and introduce our son to fishing.  I’m looking forward to exploring more together.




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