Top 6 Books for Blissful Moms


As a new mom, I had have a lot to learn.  A former coworker once told me “Reading is the best way to continue learning”.  Those words have always stuck with me.  So, when I was looking for ways to learn more about being a mom, I turned to books.  (Actually, I turned to my sister-in-law who suggested many of these books.)  These are the books that are helping to carry me through the first year of my son’s life.

1.  In Praise of Stay-At-Home Moms by Dr Laura Schlessinger

This book was a huge eye opener for me and one that I really needed as I adjusted from the professional world to a homemaker.  My sister-in-law is also a stay-at-home mom, but she lives many hours away and all of my other friends work at least part time.  It’s easy to doubt yourself and wonder if you are making the wrong choice.  It’s especially difficult when your emotions are all out of whack after childbirth.  This book helped me focus on the benefits of staying home with our son.  Not only for my son, but also for our marriage.

2.  The Baby Book: Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby from Birth to Age Two by William Sears

The Baby Book was my go to reference for the first six months.  Any questions I had regarding breastfeeding, caring for the umbilical cord area, changing diapers, trimming nails, teething, when to start solid foods, etc. I looked in this book for the answer.

3.   The Well Trained Mind:  A Guide to Classical Education at Home by Susan Wise Bauer

This is a great book to give you a clear understanding of Classical Homeschooling.  It gives you the encouragement and knowledge you may need when facing formal educators, friends, and others who oppose homeschooling.  It references many books that are helpful resources for homeschooling.  After reading the overview of what Classical Education entails, I was disappointed that my schooling did not follow this pattern.  I realize that my son won’t even have the option of attending formal school for several years.  However, I am working to educate myself as much as possible before we need to make that decision.  In the meantime, I’m finding many opportunities to begin his education at home.

4.  Slow and Steady Get Me Ready by June Oberlander

This book was one of the books referenced in The Well Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home.  My sister-in-law lent this book to me a few months ago and my husband and I attempt to work through it with our son on a weekly basis.  It offers activity ideas for each week of life through age five.  These activities rarely require going to the store to buy some game or toy.  Many of the exercises can be done with items you have around the house.  One of our favorite activities was blowing bubbles and watching our son smile in delight as he followed them around the room.

5.  201 Organic Baby Purees: The Freshest, Most Wholesome Food Your Baby Can Eat! by Tamika L. Gardner

When we added purees to our son’s diet, this book was a life saver.  It offers recipes from six months to one year and beyond.  The blueberry applesauce recipe is one we all enjoy…even my husband.

I just couldn’t narrow it down to just five books.  So, here is the bonus book:

6.  Diaper-Free Before 3: The Healthier Way to Toilet Train and Help Your Child Out of Diapers Sooner by Jill M. Lekovic

This one is my favorite of the bunch.  I posted it about this several weeks ago here and have made even more progress since then!  Our son is completely comfortable sitting on the potty, pees on the potty often, and has even progressed to #2 (if you know what I mean) at 11.5 months.  Once he gets this walking and talking stuff down, we’ll be moving on to underwear!

What was your favorite book during your first year of motherhood?