Smash Cake Fun

We recently had our son’s one year photos taken.  His birthday isn’t for a few more weeks, but we have a lot going on in the next few weeks.  (Primarily, a dog who is going to bless us with a litter of puppies in about two weeks.)

After much discussion with my husband, we agreed to order a smash cake for some of the photos.  He was concerned about giving our son too much sugar and making him more likely to have a sweet tooth.  Once I agreed to not let our son eat the entire cake, my husband agreed to ordering one.

Two things I made note of after the photos…

  1. Don’t waste your time baking some amazing tasting cake.  I was going to make a low sugar cake, but my son didn’t end up eating ANY of the cake or the frosting.  He actually pursed his lips together when I tried to get him to try some of the frosting.
  2. Unless you plan to bake a lot of smash cakes, don’t waste your money on the cute extra large cup cake pan.  I considered purchasing a cute cupcake pan for this cake and future cakes.  However, the pan alone was close to $15.  After the cake ingredients and frosting, I would have spent around $25 for a cake that we didn’t eat.  I could have had a large sheet cake made and fully decorated for that price.  Who are these amazing moms that have time to bake cute little healthy cakes?

The cake lasted about 10 seconds.  My son loved squishing it between his fingers and flinging it around.  (He loves to do this with banana’s too!)

Our actual cake had smooth frosting on it, but you get the idea

In the end, I ordered a 5″ white cake with white frosting from our local SafeWay grocery store.  My mother in law gave us the cutest little figurine with our son’s name on it which we used as the cake topper.  I didn’t bother having any additional decorations added to it.  I’m glad I didn’t as they would have just added to the mess and would have been more likely to stain.  I spent $4.99 on the cake and was worth every penny.

This is the adorable topper my MIL got us.  It had our son’s name on the one, but that washed off when I cleaned off the frosting.  We’ll have to rewrite it for his actual first birthday cake!

I intend to have a small decorated cake for my son’s actual birthday.  I may even try and bake/decorate it myself.  However, I feel good about saving our money on the smash cake experience!

Our son is going to be a year old in less than a month!  This is hitting me a lot harder than I ever imagined it would.  So, for now, I’m going to enjoy every moment and look forward to the many more firsts we will share.  I really wish I could slow down time…




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