Weaning to a sippy cup?

Our son started off life in the NICU.  He spent the first five days there and struggled to latch.


My husband getting a lesson on diaper changing

So, when he finally was breastfeeding successfully, we were worried about changing anything.  For example, we were even concerned about giving him a bottle.  We tried it a few times, but he never really took to it.  That was ok with me as I had heard about nipple confusion and didn’t want to have to go the formula route.

Fast forward over 11 months…we are ready for our son to start drinking out of a cup and begin the weaning process.  Honestly, I’d even be happy with a bottle, but we were encouraged to skip that step since he never learned how to use one.  So, for about the past month or so, we’ve been trying out all kinds of sippy cups.  We are now the proud owners of seven sippy cups.

We even bought a doidy.

21pC5MleOuL._AC_US320_QL65_It was recommended to me by a lactation consultant who taught a feeding class I attended.  This cup is quite unique.  It has a slanted rim to allow you to teach your child to drink from the rim rather than a spout.  It’s worked the best so far.

Our son loves to bite the rim or the spout of any cup.  I’ve even tried a cup with a straw.  I’m pretty sure that is his favorite item to chew on.

Today, we made some major progress.  I tried using the cup last night with dinner and again today with each meal.  To my surprise, he suddenly started drinking.  I actually saw him gulping down some of the formula.  He didn’t seem to mind it!  He still chewed away from time to time, but he drank enough for me to measure it out.

This made me realize something huge:

The reason my son wasn’t drinking from a cup wasn’t his fault.  The issue was my lack of persistence.

I would try the cup here and there, but I really wasn’t very consistent.  It wasn’t that my son wasn’t able to learn how to drink from a cup.  Although I hate to admit it, the problem was that I wasn’t patient enough to teach him.  I’d offer him the cup, but in the back of my mind I knew I could always nurse him after the meal.  I wasn’t consistent.


I will keep this in mind the next time I’m trying to teach him something.

Patience + Consistency = Success.


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