Everybody has a dream…What’s your dream?


I had some big adjustments after giving birth to our son.  I went from a professional job, managing a staff of six and bringing home a nice paycheck, to a stay at home mom/homemaker.  It was the best decision for our family and I have zero regrets, but it was still an adjustment.  To this day, on late Sunday evenings, I dread Monday morning.  Then, I remember I don’t have to go in to work and I get to spend the day taking care of our little prince.  Life is good.

So, after being home for several months, I started to think about what I would like to do from a personal enrichment standpoint.

I learned how to play the recorder in grade school (kind of).  I never learned how to read music and I couldn’t tell you the name of one song we actually played.  The recorder was something everyone in our class had to play.

I never took music in high school.  We couldn’t afford an instrument, but I always wanted to play the flute.  Now that I’m older and have a child of my own, I wish I had learned how to play the piano.   I love the idea of teaching my son how to play and the benefits he would reap from it.

Fast forward to today…I take weekly vocal lessons.  I decided that it would be best to learn how to sing and see how that goes before investing in a piano.  If the lessons work out, I can always learn how to play the piano.

I never imagined taking voice lessons at my age, but it’s been a great experience!  We began the lessons with breathing technique/exercises and have been working on the song “Amazing Grace”.  My son’s nightly bedtime routine includes me singing the song and eventually humming it to him as he gets closer to falling asleep.  I cherish this time and can already hear some improvement.

I have always wanted to learn how to read music.  We started going over the basics at my last lesson.  I felt like I was learning a whole new language and opening up a whole new world.  This experience has reminded me that you are never too old to set a new goal or try something new.

There are many times that I feel like skipping my voice lesson, but I never regret going.  It’s one of the few times I get out alone since becoming a mom.  The time during the lesson flies by and I often find myself walking out with a big smile on my face.

Now, I’m inspired to make a list of what I want to accomplish in the next five years…

What have you recently accomplished from a personal enrichment perspective?


2 thoughts on “Everybody has a dream…What’s your dream?

  1. Great job! I often think of going back to music lessons, I was a music teacher 20 years ago, to brush up on technique and having that strict practice schedule but never seem to find the time. Maybe its time I make the time. Thank you so much for making me think.

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