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Goal Time


It’s already May and I have yet to write down my annual goals!  My goal for this week is to get them written down on paper.  I’ve been thinking about them a lot lately, but I have yet to get them in writing.  Who says you can’t start new goals mid year?

I never wrote down my goals as a child.  Actually, I never really focused on them until two years ago.  On December 31, 2013, I was battling the flu at my in laws house.  My sweet husband spent the day with me recovering.  We used the time to put together a goal board for 2014.  We had individual goals and a few goals together.  We made them S.M.A.R.T. goals and when we returned home, that board was proudly hung in our home.

Then, as the year went on, we actually accomplished some of them.  By the end of the year, they were ALL checked off the list!  Three of the goals that I am especially proud of were:

  1. Buy a new home!  This might seem like a strange thing to list on your goal board, but we had been looking for a home for over two years.  It isn’t easy to find a nice house on a significant amount of land out here.  We actually snagged ours by knocking on someone’s door who hadn’t even listed their house!  They had it on Zillow’s website under “make me move”…so we did.
  2. Get a new personal record (PR) at a half marathon  Not only did I PR, but I ran it with two amazing friends in a beautiful location.  Quite the experience and memory!  It’s awesome to see the other benefits of having goals.  The friendships that I built on that trip have become something I truly treasure.
  3. Get pregnant!  We had been struggling with infertility for almost five years.  I’d say this was our number one focus for 2014.  A related goal was improving our health-we both lost over 50lbs that year and were able to get pregnant.

So, this brings us to 2016.  We didn’t write goals for 2015.  Getting through the year with a new baby was enough.  Well, apparently, that bled over to 2016.  However, as we approach our son’s first birthday, I am ready to make some new goals.

Here’s what I learned from writing our goals down in 2013:

  • Know your priorities

    My son and husband are my top two priorities this year (and will be for every year moving forward).  I will keep that in mind when I list off what my personal goals are for this year.  If the goals don’t pertain to them, I’m not willing to sacrifice an excessive amount of time with my family just to obtain these goals.  There has to be a balance.

  • Writing them down improves your odds of accomplishing them

    It’s a lot easier to accomplish something when it is staring you in the face every day.  It also helps to have a clear plan.

  • Unity with spouse

    It was easier to accomplish our goals knowing we were both on the same page.  For example, the financial aspect relating to a high risk pregnancy was something we were prepared for prior to getting pregnant.

Celebrating goal accomplishments is one of my favorite parts of the process!  The idea of celebrating is a great motivation for me to put the goals down on paper.  I can’t expect my husband to celebrate with me if he didn’t even know I had a goal.

I’m thinking that if I reach all of my goals by December, I will celebrate by buying a little something for the chickens…a chicken swing!  If you have chickens and haven’t seen these things, you’ve got to check them out…


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