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Raising a Hunter

My husband hunts.  I hunt.  I actually started hunting a few years before I met my husband.  I was not raised in a hunting family, but I was blessed with some amazing friends who did hunt and welcomed me into their hunting family.  The more I learned about hunting, the more it became a passion for me.

I want to pass on the hunting tradition to our son.  Believe it or not, we already started planting the seeds that I believe will spark a love of hunting in our son.  I would never force my son to go hunting, but I have a feeling he’ll be begging to go with his daddy some day in the near future.

Before our son was born, I imagined we would introduce our child to hunting around six to eight years old.  However, since our son arrived, I’ve found that hunting is already being introduced to him in subtle ways.  It’s part of our lifestyle and hard to avoid.

If you’re interested in teaching your child about hunting, I have a few ideas to get you started.  AND, get this, you can start as early as you want!

Take your child shed hunting-This spring, I packed our son into our ergo baby 360 carrier and spent several days hiking around the local woods looking for deer antlers (sheds).  Unfortunately, we didn’t find any, but it is the experience that matters.  Our son seemed to enjoy being able to look around at the trees, river, and wildlife as I hunted for those elusive sheds.  I can’t wait for the day where he says “There’s one mom!”.

Shed hunting! The only part he didn’t like was wearing a hat. (being the child of a blonde and a red head, this was not negotiable)

Point out geese and other wildlife-This is an easy one for us.  We have waterfowl landing in our back yard, so we don’t need to go far to teach him about the birds.  My husband often points out the geese and ducks to our son.  He quickly picked up on following the birds in the sky as they pass over head.

watching for birds with daddy

Attend hunting related conferences or banquets-We attended the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) Convention in February at the Opryland hotel in Nashville, TN.  Our son was about eight months old and did well at the event.  He actually fell asleep while in the carrier with turkey call sounds surrounding him.


Bring them with on hunting trips-We went to Kansas this year for a turkey hunt.  We were blessed to be able to hunt private land and actually had some time where our friends babysat our son.  It was an amazing opportunity to hunt and share the experience as a family.  Obviously he was too young to join on the hunt, but he was close by and involved with the photo session after I filled two tags.  I can’t wait to tell him all about his first hunting trip!


I’m going to start a hunting journal for our son.  The memories we are making will be treasured for years to come…



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      1. Just keep them engaged. My kids and I made scent lures out of film canisters and cotton. We made our own fishing lures from wire, Beads and spinners that are available at any sports store


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