Weaning to a sippy cup?

The reason my son wasn’t drinking from a cup wasn’t his fault…


Top 6 Books for Blissful Moms

As a new mom, I had have a lot to learn.  A former coworker once told me “Reading is the best way to continue learning”.  Those words have always stuck with me.  So, when I was looking for ways to learn more about being a mom, I turned to books.  (Actually, I turned to my sister-in-law…… Continue reading Top 6 Books for Blissful Moms

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Fishing with a baby?

We took our 11 month old fishing this past weekend.  He loved it!  Ok, he might not have been fishing, but he was with us while we fished. (Shhh!  This little number is on the list for Father’s day gifts: Daddy’s New Fishing Buddy Onesie) The adventure didn’t last long.  My husband and I took…… Continue reading Fishing with a baby?

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Grilled Cheese Recipe Showdown

Today, I entered the grilled cheese academy’s grilled cheese recipe showdown.  I stuck with a pretty basic recipe, but after reviewing the 2015 winners, I hope to get a more complex recipe submitted before the competition closes tomorrow.  That said, the one I submitted is pretty dang tasty!  Here’s what I put together.. Sassy Summer…… Continue reading Grilled Cheese Recipe Showdown