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Chicken Safety


We moved our chickens into their permanent big girl coop just over a week ago.  We know there are many predators around and we’re quite concerned about one of them breaking into their coop.   We have a creek on our property and live near a river, so predators are pretty common.  Our trail camera’s have captured images of coyotes, raccoons, and even a bobcat.  In addition, we have a pair of owls that live in our barn and plenty of hawks.  I’m sure there are many other’s that we haven’t seen.  So, we did what we could to predator proof the building and my husband built a run that will have covering all around and has wire buried along the perimeter.  However, we wanted some additional security.

I did some research online and learned about Nite Guard Solar.  I contacted the company and requested to try their product in return for an honest review about it on Front Porch Bliss.  I was rather impressed when Katie Berning, the president of the company, responded to my email.  She agreed to send us a package of devices to try out.

It’s been nine days now and the only animal that we have seen penetrate our coop is a barn swallow.  We’ve had some rain and consistantly check for tracks, but have yet to see any signs.  I believe this is because the Nite Guard Solar lights are working!  The best part about these little devices is the ease of using them.  You screw them to a post and that’s pretty much it.  Once the sun goes down, a small red light starts flashing.  You don’t have to take them down in the winter.  In fact, the company suggests that you leave them up all year.  So, that’s what we will do.

I’ll update this post as time goes on, but for now, our girls are safe and we aren’t as worried.  Thanks Nite Guard Solar!



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