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Summer Daily Plan

This guy needs a schedule!

I remember the first time someone asked me what our schedule looked like.  Schedule?  I don’t work in an office, what do I need a schedule for?  Any time someone mentions a routine, I think of how boring that sounds.  A boring monotonous routine…no, thank you. I like being able to go to the park when my son seems full of energy or head to the store when we are out of milk.

Then, I realized that our son does a lot better when he gets his nap around the same time each day.  I also noted how much easier potty training was going on the days we stayed home and did our usual things (our loose schedule/routine).  I have to admit, finding time to clean and cook is a lot easier on days that I plan out the day.  So, in an effort to make life a little easier, I put together a plan.  I can’t bring myself to title it a schedule-that just seems so regimented.  So, here it is…our Summer Daily Plan!


I’m sure it’s not perfect, but it will give us something to start with.  We will try it out next week and then adjust accordingly.  Do you have a schedule?


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