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Weaning Puppies

Today, we started the weaning process and
I have a tip for anyone raising puppies…

Our vet recommended grinding up some puppy food and adding some milk replacer to make it a mushy consistency.  He also suggested serving it to the puppies in a pie pan.

I did some looking around on Pinterest and was excited to find a muffin pan used as the puppy dish.  I love the idea of spreading out the portions so they aren’t all diving into one pan.  It seemed more organized to me.  I have a muffin pan, but the puppies are still pretty small and the muffin pan holes are a little deep.


So, I settled on using a Pampered Chef brownie pan.  It worked perfectly!  We ended up filling up the four corners with some of the food mixture and a few of the other holes with some milk replacer.  I’m not going to say it didn’t get messy, but it did work out well.  They all seemed to get their fill.  Plus, thankfully, Callie is still cleaning up after them!



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