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Front Porch Bliss Photo Challenge

Join me on a daily photo challenge for the month of July!


Do you wish you took more photos?  Looking to learn more about your camera?  Need some photography inspiration?  Join the Front Porch Bliss July Photo Challenge!
There is only one rule:  your photos must be newly taken.

Themes & ideas will be discussed in a post on the Front Porch Bliss Facebook page.  Ask questions or share ideas for the theme by commenting on the post.  Then share your finished product on Facebook and/or Instagram (with the tag #FrontPorchBliss).  You don’t need any special camera, a cell phone will work out just fine.  Below are the prompts for each day in the month of July:

FPB Photo Challenge

Daily Prompt Use the daily prompt as inspiration, but make them meaningful to you.   Be as creative as you want.  For example, a “home” prompt could include a photo of your house, your home state,  or your family–whatever makes YOU think of home.

Timeline  Each day will have a corresponding prompt.  However, it’s up to you if you want to take a photo each day, a few at a time, or if you’d prefer to spend a day with your camera.  You will be posting your photo that corresponds to the prompt on the associated day.  Don’t worry, I’ll prompt each day on Facebook!

The Goal  The goal is to challenge yourself…to grow your photography skills or even just to start using your camera more!  I will also be posting my favorite photo of the week on my blog.  So, here’s your chance to become famous! 😉

Head on over to my Front Porch Bliss Facebook Page to sign up!

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