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Skinny Meatloaf?

The Front Porch Bliss household is working on eating healthier.  That means we are increasing our fruits and veggies, decreasing soda consumption and making more healthier dinners.  Together we’ve lost close to 10lbs over the past week and our little one has gained almost a pound.  So, we are motivated to keep going!  We’ve done this before.  Prior to getting pregnant, I lost fifty pounds and my husband lost even more.  So, we’re hoping to have the same results this time.  (Although neither of us need to lose that much this time, thank goodness!)

The other night, I made meatloaf.  I never expected my husband to see what was for dinner and watch his face light up.  He was so excited for meatloaf.  Which, resulted in having leftovers for dinner the next day-win, win.  Crockpot meals and leftovers are my new best friends.  I was able to throw this together while the puppies and toddler slept and let it sit in the fridge until dinner time.

I found this skinny meatloaf recipe over at Skinny Kitchen.  The recipe is baked on a pan on tin foil so the meatloaf doesn’t sit in and soak up the grease.  One of my favorite things about her page is that she lists out the nutritional facts and includes Weight Watchers points.

We enjoyed our meatloaf with sweet potato and green beans.




2 thoughts on “Skinny Meatloaf?

  1. Summer’s the perfect time to eat healthy!! We’re doing a lot of fresh veggies and fruits along with lean meats too! Good luck to you & your hubby! And thanks for visiting our site! 🙂
    Fabulous Fare Sisters

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