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Flash Card Fun

IMG_0906We recently purchased some alphabet flash cards on They are recommended for ages 3+, but our son (almost 14 months) loves them! I mean, really loves them. He is completely focused on the cards when we go through them. We try and do them around one of our reading times and run through the cards twice before he gets a little squirmy.  These cards are one of my favorite education related purchases.

They are called Activity Flash Cards-Learn to write your Letters.  For $6.64, I’m certain we will get our money’s worth.

We are starting out by just using one side of the card.image1  The front side has a word and photo of that word.  In addition, the focus letter is written with dashes in lower and upper case to allow for the little one to trace the letters.  The wipe-clean cards even include a wipe-clean pen and a nice storage box.  For now, we are focusing on reading the words and saying the letter.  As our son grows, the cards will grow with him.

image1-2The other side of the cards includes additional words with the focus letter and more spaces to practice tracing the letter.  The cards help learn writing skills as well as fine motor skills.

The cards are from priddy books.  They also offer some FREE worksheets you can download here.  One of the worksheets help little ones with pen control.  They are worth taking a look at-especially since they are free.


What is one of your favorite educational tools?

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