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Freezing Sweet Corn & Corn Cob Syrup!

Today, a friend dropped off a bag of sweet corn and I was able to sit in the sun for a bit and shuck the corn while dad took the lil guy to the store.  (Thanks Jennifer!)  Usually, I would hate this task, but it was nice to get out in the sun with some peace and quiet.

This is only my second year freezing corn.  I am not the best at growing corn.  Actually, I did get some corn to grow last year!  The raccoons really seemed to enjoy it-so maybe I’m not that bad at it. Anyhow, last time I bought the corn from our local farmers market.  I canned some corn and froze the rest.  The frozen corn turned out a lot better and was much easier.  So, this year, I didn’t even bother with canning it.

However, last time, I made corn cob syrup and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try it again this year.  This stuff is great on pancakes, but you need to try it on corn bread.  It’s amazing!  Not to mention, that you won’t waste your cobs…


I’m certainly no pro, but I learned a few things that I want to share with anyone looking to freeze corn this year.

  1. Shuck your corn outside!  It’s messy and that silk stuff gets everywhere.  Plus, if there are any bad or bug infested ears, it’s best to deal with it outside.
  2. Prepare for a mess while cutting the corn off the cob!  That stuff will get everywhere.  I find it hard not to spray corn juice around the kitchen or see at least a few pieces flying through the air during the process.  So, I shuck my corn using the bundt pan method and cover the table and nearby floor with a tablecloth.  Corn spatter is some seriously sticky stuff…
  3. One ear of corn will get you almost a cup of corn.  This is good to know as most recipes for freezing corn will require x cups of corn vs. cobs of corn.
  4. Don’t waste your corn cobs!  Save those suckers and make some syrup with them.  Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.
  5. This sweet freezer corn recipe is amazing!  Honestly, this stuff is the best corn I have ever had.  It’s the perfect ratio of corn, sugar, salt, and butter.


I was able to get six, two cup portions.  I’m going to try and save them for winter, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to wait that long.
If you’ve never canned before, this is a pretty easy one to start with.  However, I highly recommend picking up The All New Ball Book of Canning and Preserving.  I pull out my book any time I’m canning-even when I know the recipe by heart.  I’m not risking getting anyone sick.  I follow the steps to a T…every single time.

There is just something about hearing that ping when the jars seal!  Here is the beautiful finished product.



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