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Time for Big Kid Pants…September 6th: Join Us!


We are going to try big kid pants (underwear/training pants) on September 6th!  I think our little one has been ready for a while now, but I keep putting it off.  So, today, I created an event on Facebook and invited a few friends that I think may have kids ready to transition out of diapers.  I am hoping this will help keep me accountable and allow others to join in the fun.

So, if you know of anyone in the process of potty training their child, please send them my way:

Click here to join the Facebook Big Kid Pants Event!

Here are the details on the process we are using to potty train him-Potty Training at 10 Months.  You do not have to follow this process to join the event!  We would love to hear from all parents working through this transition.



2 thoughts on “Time for Big Kid Pants…September 6th: Join Us!

    1. I’m hopeful we’ll be close to out of diapers by Christmas. This approach seems to be working great so far! He is starting to see where the stuff in the potty is coming from and is so proud.
      So, we’re going to try the next step. We aren’t forcing it at all…


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