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Spider Web Toddler Activity

To kick off our education focus for the month of September, we tried out a spider web activity.  I found a few posts on Pinterest for a sensory basket made with your basic laundry basket and some yarn or other thread.  The posts talk about this activity occupying your child for 20-30 minutes while stimulating their sense of touch and sight.  Sounds great!

I filled up the basket base and then spent a good 10 minutes of precious nap time stringing the yarn through the basket.  I was ready to engage my child in some sensory play!

My son was immediately drawn to the basket.  (This may have had something to do with the fact that it was the only item on the living room floor.)  I excitedly watched from afar with my phone camera ready to capture his sensory play…

He walked over to the basket and attempted to pull a large car from it…the car got tangled in the yarn.  It took approximately 2.4 seconds before he flipped over the basket and a few of the items fell out.  He then proceeded to turn the basket back over and tried to pull out another toy.  This ended in him practically falling into the basket and getting stuck.

Total Time Spent on Sensory Play Activity: Approximately 2 minutes

Perhaps this is a better activity for younger children…or my son is just too brilliant for it.  On a good note, I could not stop laughing when he almost fell into the basket.  This activity wasn’t quite what I had planned for.  However, he was thrilled and so proud when he managed to pull the pieces out.

IMG_2229 3

Front Porch Bliss Recommendation: You probably have the items laying around your house, so it’s worth a shot.  Plus, you will have an excuse not to do laundry for a day or two.


2 thoughts on “Spider Web Toddler Activity

  1. Lol, cute story! This happens to me all the time. I’m learning that any activities which are planned and organized are pretty much pointless. Toddler attention spans are so short! Unless of course it’s something they are not supposed to be doing😊!

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