Motherhood & Leadership

I am reading the book The Well-Behaved Child: Discipline That Really Works! and was intrigued by the importance the author places on acting like a leader.  He clarifies that you are not only being a leader, but you are acting like one.  It got me thinking about how similar being a mom is to being in leadership.  I believe these points are important for any mom’s looking to reenter the workforce after spending time home with children.


Top Three Leadership Qualities Mom’s Possess

  1. Confidence:  There are many times that we don’t have all the answers, but we still make decisions with the best intentions and move forward.  We may learn in the process, but we remain calm and are the pillar of strength that our child can look up to.
  2. Time Management:  When I was a manager, I scheduled my work around meetings and our lunch break.  I didn’t have to do much planning outside of that.  In mom land, everything revolves around meals (humans and pets) and nap time.  I need to put thought into when specific activities would be best-before, during or after nap time? Planning meals has become a lot more difficult and I’ve become good friends with our crockpot.
  3. Patience:  Leading other employees often requires a great deal of patience.  It may take a long time to accomplish a goal or to develop your staff and build a cohesive team.  In mom land, patience is critical.  You have a goal, but your child often has a different timeline in mind.  For example, potty training began with our son at 10 months old.  Six months later, we are still working on it.  Just imagine trying to work with your staff on something when they can’t clearly communicate to you.

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