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The Kelly (Bucket) List

Do you have a bucket list?  Have you written these items down or are they just swimming around in your head like mine are? I have an amazing and inspiring friend who recently checked an item off her list-jumping on a trampoline.  I don’t recall ever jumping on one either, so I’m adding that to…… Continue reading The Kelly (Bucket) List

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Still Hunting…

Tomorrow morning, hunters in Wisconsin will embark on another exciting hunting season.  Most of them will be wearing blaze orange, although this year, they can hunt with blaze pink. (I had to roll my eyes just to type that.)  Anyhow, the squirrels & chipmunks will be mistaken for a deer and great memories and stories…… Continue reading Still Hunting…

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Memorable & Consumable Gifts for Christmas

Too many toys?  Too much clutter?   This year, why not try to focus more on consumable or more memorable gifts… My brother and sister in law have five children and one on the way.  I remember a Christmas when my sister in law mentioned she’d prefer consumable gifts for the kids.  I was lost.  Consumable?…… Continue reading Memorable & Consumable Gifts for Christmas

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Long Lost Stuffed Mushrooms

I wrote out a recipe for stuffed mushrooms fifteen or so years ago and handed it to a friend.  Little did I know then that she would save that recipe and post it for me when I begged on Facebook for someone, anyone to help me locate it.  (Thanks Sonch!) I have been searching for…… Continue reading Long Lost Stuffed Mushrooms

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Vintage Antler Necklace Giveaway!

I have an exciting announcement to make and I want you all to be the first to hear about it… Front Porch Bliss has partnered with Four Arrows Boutique for an exclusive giveaway!  This vintage piece will be shipped to ONE very lucky fan in their choice of silver or gold: Elegant vintage antler pendant…… Continue reading Vintage Antler Necklace Giveaway!