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Instant Pot Success-Hard Boiled Eggs


My husband is concerned that I won’t use my new 6-1 Instant Pot, so I had to put her to use immediately.

Recently, I boiled water with it.  Today, I actually made something edible!  I’m taking this slow.  I don’t want to start with a roast and waste the beef because I didn’t follow the steps properly for the Instant Pot.  I’m trying to get comfortable with this beauty first.

We have 15 chickens who currently give us around four eggs per day.  We don’t eat four eggs each day so we either give some away or I need to get creative.  We haven’t had hard boiled eggs in a while, so I gave the Instant Pot a try.

The process was pretty simple.  I used the insert that came with our Instant Pot and arranged the eggs on that insert.  (The 7-1 Instant Pot has a steamer basket type piece that would hold the eggs better, but I had to work with what we have.)  I added one cup of cold water to the insert, closed the lid and slid the steam release handle to sealing position.  I then used the steam setting for 11 minutes.  Once the process was complete, I pressed the keep warm/cancel button and carefully slid the steam release handle to venting.  Once the steam was released, I removed the lid and put the eggs into a cold water bath for 4 minutes.  They turned out great!


I’ve heard horror stories about trying to peel farm fresh eggs.  I had zero issues peeling the eggs I made in the instant pot!  One actually fell off the stand and the peel ended up coming off in two easy pieces-like an egg sleeve.  You can actually see her in the top center of this photo.img_5379

What is your favorite recipe to make in your Instant Pot?  Have you tried making hard boiled eggs in yours?  I can’t wait to try and make my favorite beef stroganoff in mine.




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