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Christmas Memories Preserved!


There are moments every Christmas that I want to remember forever.  For example, this year, my husband made our son his first snowman.  So, I wanted to share with you what I am going to do to make these moments easy to look back on…

I take photos and then they get stored away on the computer to sort through later.  However, later never really comes.  Well, later comes, but the sorting doesn’t.  So, this year, I purchased a scrapbook to store the photos in.  It’s pretty basic, but I’m planning to scrapbook one photo (at least) per year.  I think it’s doable and will keep those special moments each Christmas in a place where we will actually look back at them.

This is the book I purchased:        Simple Stories Snapt Burlap Binder, 6 by 8-Inch, Red

I like the size and the option to add a lot more pages as the years go on. Plus, I can label it on the side.

Annual Christmas Photo Album


I am hoping to dig up some photos from the year my husband and I met and then work forward from there.  We were actually introduced the day after Christmas, so I’m going to do some digging and hopefully find a photo or two from that weekend.  Once I get caught up, we’ll make adding the photos from that year’s Christmas a New Year’s Eve tradition.  I’d love if you’d join me and share your album on the Front Porch Bliss Facebook page.

We usually stay home on New Year’s Eve and with a toddler now, I’m guessing we’ll keep that tradition for a while.  So, we’ll spend New Year’s Eve working on the scrapbook and writing down our goals for 2017.

What are your goals for 2017? 


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