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Weight Watcher’s Tips


Almost everyone is looking to drop a few pounds when the new year starts.  We are on board in 2017!   We’re really focusing on eating healthier and getting more exercise in. We’re loosely following Weight Watchers, so I’ve been picking up tips here and there regarding the Smart Points program.  I was a huge Points Plus fan.  I lost over 50lbs on that program, but this new one has been harder for me to get used to.  So, for those of you struggling, here are my top three tips:

Quit the soda!

If you drink regular soda, you are looking at using around 10 smart points per can.  Talk about a waste of points.  Replace your soda with more water.  Also, check out this little device for encouraging you to drink more water.  The Thermos bottle with Connect Smart Lid actually syncs with your Fitbit!

Calculate points BEFORE you eat them

This one sounds pretty simple, but I’ve been caught a few times.  I eat something that I think is low points only to find out that it’s way more points then I expected.  Use the Weight Watchers app online or on your phone to track and stay motivated. Be sure to track every bite.

Plan your meals

Take the time to prepare meals on the weekend and plan out your meals for the week.  This is especially important when it comes to lunches.  It’s so easy to get talked into going out for lunch.  These containers are great for portioning out your meals and making sure you get your fruit and veggies in.

Whats your tip to keep on track?



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