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Miscarriage Compassion


Has your friend or family member miscarried and you don’t know what to do? ¬†A recent interaction with a friend of mine made me realize that even a small gesture can mean so much.

I have dinner with two other moms around once a month.  We met at church and have recently made a point to get together on a regular basis.  This week, we met for dinner and exchanged belated Christmas gifts.

One of the gifts was the sweetest little Christmas ornaments with meaning that brought myself and our other friend to tears. ¬†You see, we each had suffered miscarriages and she acknowledged them with an ornament. ¬†No words needed to be exchanged, the ornament said it all. ¬†To me, it wasn’t about the ornament, it was the fact that she remembered our babies. ¬†It wasn’t some huge elaborate gift. ¬†It was simple and had¬†a great deal of meaning behind it.

I realize that many of you who have not experienced this kind of loss aren’t sure how to reach out to your friend. ¬† This was a great example of what you can do. ¬†Acknowledge the life and the loss, then let your friend know that you are thinking about them and what they are going through.



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