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Get your food budget in check!

We are focusing on reducing our spending allowance for food.  This isn’t an easy one for me as I love to cook and I look forward to the entire process of enjoying a meal with those I love.  I’m a total foodie.  However, this is also one of the easiest ways to put some extra money into our savings.  So, we are doing a few things to decrease what we spend each month…starting with Frugal February!  Check out the following tips for ways you can join us on this adventure:

1.  Meal Planning– Instead of winging it when dinner time rolls around or when we head to the grocery store, we’re starting to actually plan out what we will enjoy for dinner each night.  I’ve created this free downloadable meal plan & grocery list form to help get us on track.  The form lists each day of the week, but we aren’t going to be very rigid when it comes down to it.  If we want to eat what we have listed on Thursday at dinner on Monday, we will.  




2.  Dave Ramsey Envelope System– We went through Financial Peace University prior to our son’s birth in 2015.  However, we have had multiple starts and stops on the budgeting train.  To help get us back on track, we’re going to start using the envelope system and FOOD is one of the categories that we’ll be paying for in cash.







3.  Coupons and Grocery Savings Apps- I am a huge fan of Walmart’s Saving’s Catcher app.  I’ve saved $210.89 with the app, so far.  I was just introduced to Iobatta and can see how combining this app with coupons will really help lower our bill and to earn money back.

img_6913  screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-3-23-17-pm







We’re new to saving on groceries and sure could use all the help we can get!
What’s your biggest tip for saving money on your food bill?

3 thoughts on “Get your food budget in check!

  1. I just started using the savings catcher. I used to make several stops to get sale priced items, but now I just let Wal-Mart pay me back.😉 I work for Wal-Mart, and get a 10% discount on some items already. Thankfully the app doesn’t count my discount against my savings.

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