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Breakfast Inspiration!

Kayla, a fellow Weight Watcher fan, posted a photo of her breakfast and I couldn’t resist asking her to share it on the blog.  It looks so filling and delicious!  Please welcome Kayla and take a look at her plate: Hi Everyone! My name is Kayla Marie and I started my weight loss journey back…… Continue reading Breakfast Inspiration!

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Country Life & Predators

We live on approximately 50 acres of land in the country with a creek running through the property.  We have trail cameras set up that have captured a bobcat, skunk, raccoons, and many coyotes.  There are a lot of predators here. Last year, we lost our entire guinea flock.  We aren’t sure how, but between the…… Continue reading Country Life & Predators

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Are You Garden Ready?

We have had some pretty great weather over the past few weeks.  The spring like days were sprinkled in throughout the weeks and made winter much more tolerable.  I was able to do some garden cleanup and even rake up approximately 1,749 tumbleweeds…give or take a few.  I’m hoping to get the garden tilled up…… Continue reading Are You Garden Ready?

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Venison Taco Pie

I recently took out a pound of ground sausage and a pie crust for dinner.  I baked the pie crust in preparation for a quiche.  Then, I realized I had actually defrosted ground venison.  Since that doesn’t quite go well in a quiche, I had to improvise.  The result was so good that my husband…… Continue reading Venison Taco Pie

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Infertility Hurts.

  I’ve mentioned before that we struggled to conceive our son.  We had a lot of heartache to get him in our arms, but it was all worth it. So, why does it still hurt AFTER we had him?  I’ll try and explain… It hurt when I nursed him for the last time.  It hurt…… Continue reading Infertility Hurts.