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Dinner Menu Ideas, Week 2


Well, we survived week one of meal planning without spending any extra money on groceries!  However, testing out Home Chef was a complete flop.  My only fear about using them actually happened.  We had bad weather two days last week.  Apparently, the roads were so bad that FedEx couldn’t make it out to our house either day.  Unfortunately, that meant our food arrived pretty thawed.  I was very impressed with Home Chef’s customer service.  I called them and they refunded our entire order.  So, we got to keep any of the non perishable foods for free!  We are signed up to try them out again next week and praying for decent weather.  Even with that setback, we actually managed to scour the house to use up food we had on hand and ate up all the leftovers from earlier in the week.  I consider week one a huge success.

On to week two!  The menu may get rearranged a bit, but this is our plan!

Week 2

Click here to download or print the menu



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