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One Bowl Bars

This is another recipe handed down from my mom.  I remember having these growing up and loving all the chocolatey goodness.  However, I have not had them for at least the last ten years.  But…that’s about to change…

Tonight, we’re celebrating Valentines day with some venison steaks and will be enjoying these “dump bars” for dessert.  I’m not a fan of the name, but I do love that you just dump all the ingredients in one bowl and mix them up.  So, I renamed the recipe.  (I hope that’s okay, mom.)

Here is the original recipe, in my mom’s handwriting with food smudges and all…


The recipe calls for a 13×9 pan, but we like our brownie edges.  So, I used this amazing Brownie Pan from Pampered Chef-every piece has yummy edges!


If you’re looking for a chocolate treat recipe for your sweetheart, you can’t go wrong with this one for Valentine’s day!


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