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Country Life & Predators

We live on approximately 50 acres of land in the country with a creek running through the property.  We have trail cameras set up that have captured a bobcat, skunk, raccoons, and many coyotes.  There are a lot of predators here.

Last year, we lost our entire guinea flock.  We aren’t sure how, but between the animals we see on camera, the hawks that fly around all day long and the owls that live in our barn, I suppose they didn’t have much of a chance.

img_1326So, when we got our chickens, my husband built a miniature Fort Knox.  The chickens aren’t able to free range, but they do have a nice fenced in pen outside of their coop.

For the past few months, we’ve watched coyotes trot through our back yard in broad daylight.  In addition to our chickens, we have two dogs and a big fluffy orange cat.  So, the brazenness of the coyotes worried me a bit.

I recently had two chances to take down one of the coyotes.  Unfortunately, it took me too long to move our son to a safe place and get the gun ready.

However, this morning, we had three coyotes making their way along our creek around 7:45am.  I was just getting ready for church when I spotted them out the kitchen window.  I hollered to my husband that they were back and ran to the laundry room.  My husband got the gun loaded while I put on hearing protection and quietly opened the window.  I picked out the coyote closest to the house and prepared to take the shot.  I knew something was off, but I didn’t want him to get away.  I took the shot!

Then, I knew immediately what happened.  I was too close to the scope and took a hit to my forehead.  I placed my hand on my forehead and walked into the kitchen.  When I took my hand away, I noticed the blood on my hand and once again yelled to my husband.  I shot my first coyote and got hit with my first scope.

I am praying that some mederma and time will heal the cut.  If not, I plan to come up with a good Harry Potter story for my scar.

This morning, we woke up to a skunk smell that about knocked you over when you went outside.  He’s next on my list…



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