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Pew Sisters Book Review


Did you know Front Porch Bliss has an online book club?  We do!  We are currently reading Pew Sisters by Katie Schuermann, A Women’s Small-Group Bible Study.  (New Members Welcome!)

I am impressed.  We are three weeks into the discussion, which means we’ve covered the first three sessions.  It has been really beneficial to hear other book club member’s views on each session.  Here’s what I really like about the book:

First of all, I’ve been able to easily relate to each character in the book.  I might not have the same experiences as the woman in the story, but I can easily empathize with what she is going through.  I’d give some examples, but I’d hate to ruin it for you.

Second,  we are all busy women (who isn’t?), so I find the length of each session to be just right.  The sessions are short enough that I can get through them without any interruptions, and I find myself looking forward to the next session.

Many of the study questions include bible verses to reference.  This is a huge benefit to me.  To be honest, I had to dust off my bible when we started this book.

Finally, there is a study guide at the back of the book.  What I love about this section is that answers for each of the study questions are answered by pastors!  I have found great comfort in their answers to several questions.

To conclude, I have to say that we started out the Front Porch Bliss Book Club with the right book.  I would highly recommend it and plan to order a few for gifts in the near future.

I’m getting ready to chose a second book for the book club…  

What book would you recommend?



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