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Early Learning~Outdoor Play


We don’t have much near where we live.  The closest library is 30 minutes away.  Pretty much any business is at least 30 minutes away.  So, we’ve learned to enjoy what we do have at home.

I’ve started to notice just how much more our son learns with everyday activities…especially when he plays outdoors.  It is rarely some elaborate activity.  Usually, we start by heading outside and allowing him to take the lead.

One of the biggest things that he is beginning to learn is how to listen to directions.  “Stop”, “Come here” and “No!”, all become very important out where we live.  We want him to understand that he can’t just wander anywhere while outside.  There are a lot of dangers that we need to protect him from.  For example, the creek, the road, and wildlife.  We have rattlesnakes on our property and several animals that like to dig holes.  He could easily get hurt, but also he needs to learn to listen to adults in general.

In addition to learning to directions, we love to just let him explore.  Two of his favorite finds are rocks and sticks.  He loves to throw those rocks into a puddle or into the creek.  The splash will have him giggling nonstop.   It’s fun to watch him chose which rocks he likes and which he decides to keep when his hands get too full.  He often will bring a rock or two to me to carry and has just started saying “hay whoo” (his version of “thank you”).

We have 13 hens and one rooster.   If the weather is appropriate, our son joins us on the chicken chores.  He is learning about where some of our food comes from.  He loves mimicking the rooster’s crow and helping to feed them.  We collect the eggs together and one of his early words was “egg”.  I’m hoping to get him to help a bit in the garden this year.



Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 12.00.17 PM


Our son was blessed with fair skin parents, so we always keep a hat on him and this type of sun protection shirt:

This shirt is lightweight, but gives that added sun protection without worrying about reapplying more sunblock.

There is so much for them to learn outside.  I encourage you to get your kids out into nature and just step back and watch them learn.


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