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Savoring the little moments…

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Last night, I lay awake trying to occupy my mind with thoughts other than my mom.  As I browsed crochet tips on Pinterest, our son starting whining from his room.

I waited and listed to see if it was just a common whimper in his sleep or if it would continue.  After three more loud cries, I reluctantly got out of our cozy bed and headed to his room.  As soon as he heard me coming, he was pulling himself up to a standing position.  By the time I made it to his crib, he was standing up with his arms extended out to me.  I happily picked him up and sat down in the comfy rocking chair.  He snuggled into me and wrapped his arms around my neck.  He did a few flops turning his head to rest on my left shoulder, then my right shoulder, and repeat.

He paused in the middle of one of the turns to push back a bit, raise his head up and whisper “hi” with a small wave before resting his head back down.

One more whine and he flipped over onto his back against my check…his favorite resting position.  As he quickly drifted off to sleep, I savored listening to his subtle snore and marveling at how he has grown to half the length of my body.

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