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Crochet Love: Just the beginning…

crochet loveMy mom loved to crochet.  She crafted beautiful scarves, blankets, hats, hotpads, dishcloths and more.  I never fully appreciated the work that went into creating these works of love.  When my mom passed away from Leukemia last month, I decided I would teach myself to crochet in memory of her.

I joined a ton of Facebook crochet groups and read what I could about it.  I was on a mission to figure crocheting out.  It didn’t take long before I was able to do the basics.  I couldn’t believe I was actually crocheting and teaching myself to do it.  Of course, I wasn’t all alone in my adventure, I had YouTube to help me.

I recently completed my very first project-a dishcloth with a small loop to hang it from.  It was silly of me to add that loop since I don’t have any hooks near our sink, but I like small details.

It isn’t perfect, but I learned from it and I’ve already started another dishcloth.  This one will be a gift for my mother in law.  I’m excited to get this one finished and move on to a new project.  I’m thinking a mug cozy or earbud holder might be next.

Little did I know how many memories would come rushing back.  For example, as I stretch out my arm to pull out more yarn while crocheting, I can see my mom doing that motion when I was a kid.  I remember her counting out loud, just like I do now when my poor husband tries to talk to me while I’m in the middle of a row.  Man, I wish she could see what I’ve made and teach me…

For those of you who don’t crochet, I highly recommend looking into it.  I find it very relaxing and a good way to cope with the grief from my mom passing.  Also, Crochet Concupiscence has a ton of links to articles about how beneficial crocheting can be.



3 thoughts on “Crochet Love: Just the beginning…

  1. I love the story and that you gave it a try. YouTube is my go-to place to learn, you will find everything from very beginner to pro videos and tutorials. Check out hopeful honeys channel if you haven’t already, she is amazing!


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