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Milk Alternative & Yummy Shake Recipe

We are making some healthy changes in our diet and lifestyle.  This week, I started Shred10 and one of the things that we eliminated is dairy.  I’m from Wisconsin, so this was a pretty scary concept for a cheesehead at heart.  However, I started making my shakes with Ripple and would highly recommend it to any of you looking to cut milk out of your diet.  In addition, Shred10 only lasts for 10 days, so I can make it one more week without cheese.


I’ve never been a big milk fan, so I can easily see using this plant based dairy-free “milk” a lot more in the future.

My favorite shake recipe so far:


Strawberry Banana Complete Shake

  1. Chop frozen fruit in desired size (I like smaller pieces)
  2. Mix Ripple milk and Complete Dutch Chocolate+ in blender or blender bottle
  3. Combine fruit, Complete Dutch Chocolate+ with Ripple, and ice
  4. Mix or blend to desired consistency




5 thoughts on “Milk Alternative & Yummy Shake Recipe

  1. I do not drink milk.. I just hate it. I try to use almond milk or other substitutes when cooking or making my shake in the morning. This product seems like a good choice I could use. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I have tried milk substitutes before, but honestly, they never taste as good as milk in my opinion. I haven’t tried this one before, but I’m guessing in a shake, the difference wouldn’t be as noticeable!


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