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Homeschooling at age two

We started homeschooling our son last year.

Homeschooling around 18 months

This year, he’s two and we are continuing down that path.  I often get strange looks when I mention we are already homeschooling.  However, it’s not what you might think.  We don’t have a formal setting, at all.  We don’t homeschool for eight hours a day.  We rarely even sit at the table.  Here is what we actually do…

  • We consciously make an effort to read several books a day
  • Screen time is limited
  • We play the Classical Conversations President’s song daily while playing
  • Once a week, we meet with two other homeschooling families
  • We focus on the alphabet and numbers
  • We love using flashcards

I’m excited to share that we just added a light box to our learning tools.  Our son’s name will always be at the top of the box and we’ll be changing out the letter and number daily.  Today, we started with the letter A and the number 1.  We also covered the star shape.  He loves the box and constantly wants me to pick him up and points out the letters to me.  The box lights up with batteries or a USB cable and has holes for hanging.  For the price, it’s perfect!



We actually have a Memoria Press Preschool curriculum that we are starting to use as well…slowly.  I love the format and structure.  The structure is for me, it gives me something to go off of.  That said, we rarely have much structure in our day!


3 thoughts on “Homeschooling at age two

  1. Teaching children at a young age is a great idea, whether you call it “homeschooling” or not. My kids are grown but I taught my oldest son some Spanish when he was two. It depends on what kids can handle, but they generally love to learn about everything at an early age. Often adults / parents don’t understand how interested kids are in a variety of subjects and they are treated like they are babies who can’t be taught. It’s unfortunate because those years are the ones that count so much. Have fun with your little one while you teach him. It will pay off.

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  2. I sometimes wish I was homeschooled. I am really happy with the education I had, but I really value personalized lessons for maximum development. Hopefully all is going well!


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