About Front Porch Bliss

Hi!  I’m Jen, reformed big city, Milwaukee, WI girl now living in small town Colorado.

I met my husband in Wisconsin and have since relocated to a small town in Northeastern Colorado on almost 50 acres of pasture land.  The name of the blog comes from our home.  We have a huge porch and I imagine this is where I would share these experiences with you if you were visiting on the porch while our animals roam around in the pastures surrounding us.  We are a hunting family sharing our experiences hunting, raising chickens, gardening, canning, cooking and more.

I am a wife, mom, hunter, photographer, gardener, cookbook hoarder, canning addict and hopefully, will someday be able to call myself a homesteader!  I’m slowly learning more about self-sustaining life and started off the farm with 16 chickens (go big or go home) in April 2016.  I dream of having donkeys, goats, and horses.  For now, I’ll start with getting some fresh eggs and see where that leads us.

I am a certified health coach through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute and try my best to feed my family limited processed foods and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  To that end, I also am a Juice Plus+ and Tower Garden business owner.  I look forward to sharing our adventures with you all.



5 thoughts on “About Front Porch Bliss

  1. Love your blog! I’m so jealous you live in Colorado. I have to follow and vicariously live through you since you’re basically living my dream life. I’ve always wanted to live on some land and have free roaming animals. Maybe I will one day!

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