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Book Club Beginnings

I have never hosted a bible study before and was a little nervous about asking others to join me.  However, a friend of mine wrote the book “Pew Sisters” and after hearing several great reviews, I decided to give it a shot.  Katie Schuermann also wrote the book “He Remembers the Barren” which gave me great comfort…… Continue reading Book Club Beginnings

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Memorable & Consumable Gifts for Christmas

Too many toys?  Too much clutter?   This year, why not try to focus more on consumable or more memorable gifts… My brother and sister in law have five children and one on the way.  I remember a Christmas when my sister in law mentioned she’d prefer consumable gifts for the kids.  I was lost.  Consumable?…… Continue reading Memorable & Consumable Gifts for Christmas

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Outdoor Play

This afternoon, I took our toddler to the park.  We spend a lot of our days walking on the trail and reading the book that the local library has on display.  Today, we did more off trail exploring!  I realized recently that I focus a lot on structured learning and decided to just do more of…… Continue reading Outdoor Play

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Spider Web Toddler Activity

To kick off our education focus for the month of September, we tried out a spider web activity.  I found a few posts on Pinterest for a sensory basket made with your basic laundry basket and some yarn or other thread.  The posts talk about this activity occupying your child for 20-30 minutes while stimulating their…… Continue reading Spider Web Toddler Activity

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Time for Big Kid Pants…September 6th: Join Us!

We are going to try big kid pants (underwear/training pants) on September 6th!  I think our little one has been ready for a while now, but I keep putting it off.  So, today, I created an event on Facebook and invited a few friends that I think may have kids ready to transition out of…… Continue reading Time for Big Kid Pants…September 6th: Join Us!