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Egg Bake Plus

Our girls are now laying 6-9 eggs a day.  We currently have three dozen eggs in our fridge!  This is helping a lot with our meal planning and budgeting.  Tonight, we even did breakfast for dinner.   I used my favorite Simple Egg & Cheese Bake recipe and made one minor change.  I replaced the parsley…… Continue reading Egg Bake Plus

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Crack Chicken-Instant Pot Style

I finally am brave enough to make a real meal in the Instant Pot!  I’ve heard great things about Crack Chicken, so I modified it a bit for the Instant Pot.  It is GOOD and you only need a few ingredients.  Oh, and it takes about 45 minutes to make from start to the dinner…… Continue reading Crack Chicken-Instant Pot Style

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Instant Pot Success-Hard Boiled Eggs

My husband is concerned that I won’t use my new 6-1 Instant Pot, so I had to put her to use immediately. Recently, I boiled water with it.  Today, I actually made something edible!  I’m taking this slow.  I don’t want to start with a roast and waste the beef because I didn’t follow the steps…… Continue reading Instant Pot Success-Hard Boiled Eggs

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Chicken Safety

We moved our chickens into their permanent big girl coop just over a week ago.  We know there are many predators around and we’re quite concerned about one of them breaking into their coop.   We have a creek on our property and live near a river, so predators are pretty common.  Our trail camera’s…… Continue reading Chicken Safety